Love Your Body: (Almost) Seven Weeks Post Mastectomy

I started jogging again with tears running down my face. It was such a moment for me as her voice kept blaring into my ears. “I run for hope, I run to feel…” I didn’t care that I was starting to feel sore from Thursday’s expansion. I was running to FEEL. I felt so alive.

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How Did You Find It?! How Genetic Testing Saved My Life

“How did you find it?”

“Was there a lump?”

“Do you have a family history?”

I have been peppered with questions like these since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even the radiology teams and nursing folks all want to know, “You’re so young, how did you even have a mammogram?” or  “How did you get here?” Especially because, to the surprise of many, there was no lump.

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