double mastectomy


Breast Reconstruction: So what is actually happening right now?

The most commonly misunderstood piece of my whole journey has definitely been breast reconstruction. Everyone can clearly understand cutting out the cancer. What happens next is very mysterious. Kudos to those of you who feel comfortable asking just what exactly is going on with me now. When everyone else’s heads swivel around to hear my answer, it’s helped me to recognize how little people know about this process and how helpful it might be if I detailed it here. Stick with me though, it’s not a short process to explain.

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How Did You Find It?! How Genetic Testing Saved My Life

“How did you find it?”

“Was there a lump?”

“Do you have a family history?”

I have been peppered with questions like these since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even the radiology teams and nursing folks all want to know, “You’re so young, how did you even have a mammogram?” or  “How did you get here?” Especially because, to the surprise of many, there was no lump.

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The Speed Bump: Three Weeks Post Surgery

The surgeons and medical sites offer such vague accounts and there are not many detailed, personal stories out there. Soooo, with that in mind… today marks three weeks since I was released from the hospital after my surgery and it seems as though this milestone has ushered in a pretty hefty speed bump. I am struggling. 

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