About Kate Catlin Payne

Life is short but beautiful.

My name is Kate. I love Boston sports, traveling, writing, gardening, and laughing until I cry. I work in communications and reside in North Carolina.

I launched this blog in 2016, one week after my bilateral mastectomy, which was three days after my wedding.

Breast cancer was something in my family history so I was able to be proactive through genetic testing and early screening – ultimately making the earliest possible catch, stage 0. That said, it was trickier than we anticipated – the most aggressive type of DCIS.

I felt so lucky and so intentional about the way I was able to control my destiny – as much as possible – that I felt called to share my story.

After the original launch of the blog, we began to travel more and people asked for tips and ideas. Instead of the many one-off emails, I decided to begin to collect the photos, suggestions and stories here.

This blog is my little slice of therapy. It’s a creative release, not medical advice. Life is short and I appreciate the opportunity to share mine with you. I think it’s pretty beautiful.

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