I snapped this pic of some of my more random purse contents a few weeks back. Tylenol and naproxen, a note clearing me for massage, a level and not one, but two tape measures. Mary Poppins has nothin on me these last couple months.
I snapped this pic of some of my more random purse contents a few weeks back. Tylenol and naproxen, a note clearing me for massage, a level and not one, but two tape measures. Mary Poppins has nothin on me these last couple months.

In the words of LL Cool J, “DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK!”

This was not an intentional hiatus, life has just been crazy but I have REALLY missed connecting through my blog. What do you think of the new look? I needed to freshen some things up a bit and I hope it’s a little easier to navigate now.

Since it’s been TWO MONTHS since my last post, here’s what you missed.


We moved! Our dream home is complete and we moved in at the end of August. All of the furniture ordering, organizing and window treatment selecting deserves it’s own post but suffice it say, we have our hands full.

My bachelorette pad is up for sale. The townhome is currently on the market, as of Friday. We already have an offer and there is an open house today. It’s very bittersweet. Many laughs were had, tears were shed and memories made in that home. I mean, it’s where I beelined into the house to avoid the awkward goodbye at the end of my second date with Luke! I am happy to think that someone else will build their own memories there. It’s a wonderful neighborhood with some really special neighbors.


My exchange surgery is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 21! I am counting down the days as this is the surgery that removes my (freakin annoying) tissue expanders and puts in the final implants. I will be writing more about breast reconstruction in a future post as I have had a lot of questions on how this works. I appreciate the interest and want to help you understand so stay tuned.

In the meantime, my nerves are pretty obnoxious. I don’t know if it’s due to me overdoing it with moving and getting settled or just where I am in the healing process but my nerves are popping and coming alive again which is not very comfortable. When I say that people usually ask what that means and it’s really anything from soreness in different areas, miscellaneous throbbing, or sudden little pricking feelings in a specific spot. There are also phantom itches that I just cannot find! After a month or two of feeling pretty good, that’s been frustrating both physically and mentally. To be clear though, I do still feel good in the grand scheme of things!


I fell off my walking and healthy eating kick in the midst of packing, moving and unpacking so I have been back at it this last week. My clothes are a little less tight and that’s exciting.

As I said previously, I don’t feel quite right these days so combining that with the unsettled feeling that comes with moving has pushed my anxiety levels up quite a bit. I don’t do well with things out of order. That probably comes with the reality that so much this year has been out of my control and I desperately want to control my environment to make up for it. Unfortunately, Luke and I are not superhuman so it will take a few months to get our home just right and feeling like a sanctuary I can relax in – without feeling like I should go organize something. This is another reason the walking has become a top priority – for my sanity.


With my anxiety levels at such a high, I am really trying to reign it in and not overdo it. My body is talking so I am listening and resting as much as possible. I’m also coming to grips with having people over to the new house when it’s still not in tip-top shape. It’s hard for me!

I did step out a couple weeks ago for an AWESOME coffee date with a survivor sister. Check out more about Anna and her story over on My Cancer Chic. Another topic I will be writing more about later is the sisterhood of survivors. “Survivor sister” is Anna’s term and I am absolutely stealing it to describe this network of women. It’s meant a lot to me. Anyone with a struggling friend – please encourage them to connect with other women navigating this journey.

Speaking of encouragement, my crazy cat, Lucky, known by most as Big Luck, is having surgery this week to remove a serious bladder stone. Please keep him in your thoughts. He’s a beast but a total scaredy cat when he has to leave the house.

Annnnnd, those are the highlights. Thanks for catching up with me! As I said, I am cooking up some new posts based on things people have been asking me the last few months. Let me know what’s on your mind in the comments section below or via the contact tab at the top of the page.

Have a great week!